Our Courses

s·a·e·s offers courses for students attending 7th – 13th grade, preparing them for the German Abitur or the International Baccalaureate. Our courses are designed to effectively prepare students specifically for the next level at school. Our courses are divided into three separate school programmes:.

Abitur Preparation

Oxford Summer School

The Oxford Summer School specialises in preparing pupils for their final Abitur exam or international equivalents such as the Matura. The course is intended for those in their final years at school with special attention paid to written English as this more than anything will dictate the grade in the final exam. We also have special modules for those taking English as an oral exam.

  • Focus on final exam
  • Mock papers under exam conditions
  • Development of enhanced oral competence
  • Private tutorials for specific problems
  • Focus on written expression
  • Alternative focus on oral competence
  • Detailed personal feedback
  • Increased motivation
  • Individually designed course content
  • Carefully  selected groupings
  • Small group workshops

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Courses for Middle and Upper School

Cambridge Summer School

The Cambridge Summer School programme is designed for students who have been learning English for 3 to 6 years and are preparing for the requirements of the upper school, students who are about to attend an English boarding school and students who are embarking on the International Baccalareate programme.

  • Small classes of maximum 5 students
  • Introduction to cultural and historial topics to develop an awareness of the English-speaking world
  • Course content tailored to specific curricula and the level of English of each student.
  • Personally planned timetable
  • Mock exams and ongoing assessment
  • Effective and thorough preparation for the upper school, English boarding school or the International Baccalaureate
  • Practice in developing skills required for fluency and competence in speaking English
  • Intensive and individual feedback
  • Private lessons

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International Baccalaureate Programme

OxBridge Tutorial College

Our IB Tutorial College prepares students for the International Baccalaureate as an alternative to the Abitur or other European specific school leaving certificates. The IB Diploma as an internationally recognised certificate of further education is gaining increasing popularity in Europe as a whole. We have designed an effective short course study programme in preparation for this diploma that opens the doors to universities around the world.

  • Individually designed course content
  • Mock papers under exam conditions
  • Carefully selected groupings
  • IB-specialised teachers
  • Focus on written expression
  • Detailed personal feedback
  • Private tutorials for specific problems
  • Development of enhanced oral competence

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